The Google News RSS Feed / Google Reader Mashup

My current employer is an authorities search company recruiting candidates for the true property progress and improvement industries. I lead their online advertising and advertising efforts; I moreover am accountable for market evaluation. If I can ship aggressive enterprise intelligence to the recruiters in our office, they will put it to make use of to match authorities job candidates with employers who need them nevertheless can´t uncover them on their very personal.

The Problem

There are a extremely huge number of companies worthy of being tracked by my agency. ENR (Engineering Information & File) creates fully completely different authoritative topic-specific lists containing names of the biggest industrial improvement firms. Builder On-line lists crucial residential homebuilding firms. Between these two sources, I´ve acknowledged about 1,700 companies the place it is likely to be helpful to hint each & every info story about them. Thankfully, on any given day, solely a small proportion of these companies will make noteworthy info…however, with a function to make sure I catch all the valuable knowledge, I wish to observe all of them.

Most logically, I need to implement some form of RSS reply with a function to watch 1,700 companies. Handbook entry of 1,700 feeds proper right into a feedreader isn´t an alternative; I don´t have any programming experience; and I don´t have a funds to go looking out any individual to program a solution.

So what did I do?

The Resolution: Half 1

After I examined a typical Google Information RSS URL, I can determine that the one variable knowledge inside each extended URL is the time interval being searched:,GGLJ:2006-37,GGLJ:en&oe=UTF-8&tab=wn&q=builder+journal&output=rss

From this knowledge, I can shortly and simply reproduce a Google Information RSS URL for each merchandise in my itemizing shortly and easily in Excel.

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I then do the following (which is additional clearly illustrated inside the connected spreadsheet that I strongly encourage you to acquire by clicking this hyperlink):

1) As quickly as I open Excel, I place my entire itemizing of associated companies into Column B.

2) In Column A, I place the first portion of the Google RSS URL (from http:// as a lot because the variable portion).

3) In Column C, I place the final word portion of the URL (&output=rss).

4) I moreover know from experience that with a function to make my feed as associated as doable, I want to use precise match wherever I can. “%22” is the picture used for “quote”. I append “%22” as a result of the ultimate characters in Column A and the first characters in Column C.

5) I make sure that the code in Columns A & C is copied onto every row containing a associated agency in Column B.

I moreover should perform the following world steps in Column B:

1) Substitute “house” and “&” with “+”

2) Substitute “++” with “+”

3) Delete all instances of “apostrophe”.

Right right here comes the pleasurable half:

1) I widen the columns so that there is a great deal of white home to the exact of the textual content material in each column.

2) I save the doc as a Formatted Textual content material House Delimited (.prn) doc.

3) I reopen the doc, choose “Delimited”, click on on “Subsequent”, after which click on on “End”.

4) I then globally substitute “house” with nothing, producing the itemizing of prolonged RSS URL´s.

The Resolution: Half 2

(…catches breath…)

In each of the feed readers I´ve used, I´ve seen that one can bulk import feeds into them in the event that they’re in OPML, one factor I admit to not understanding too successfully. I observed that if I would convert my URL´s into OPML, I can then get my entire itemizing of agency info RSS feeds proper right into a feedreader. I found Feedshow Goodies ( by means of Google, dropped my URL´s into the form positioned on this internet web page, and clicked “Create OPML” (phrase that it will course of as a lot as about 200 URL´s immediately). I then saved each OPML file to my onerous drive.

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I then made the error of contemplating that my trusty Feedreader 3.07 would cleanly accept 1,700 new feeds. The main OPML import of 200 feeds ate up all my internet bandwidth and slowed my laptop computer to a crawl. Google Reader was the one completely different feedreader that I´ve used, so I signed into it and uploaded 9 huge OPML info.

It labored. Google Reader allowed me to seamlessly (if significantly slowly) import 1,700 feeds and skim all of them collectively, allowing me to get an precise time info substitute of the entire industrial & residential improvement companies that I desired to hint.

My Public Feed ( (Be conscious I configured it significantly in one other approach than inside the sample above).


1) Despite the truth that the Google Reader is doing the entire “heavy lifting”, having it open monitoring 1,700 feeds will hog your memory, significantly in IE. I found that opening Google Reader in Firefox or Opera instead reduce significantly the amount of memory used.

2) The one draw back to this course of is that the “title” of each feed is the prolonged ugly Google RSS URL instead of 1 factor additional descriptive.

3) When you have received loads of tales in your Google Reader, go to Preferences and confirm “In Expanded View, Mark Objects as Learn as You Scroll Previous Them”. This perform is a tremendous help in wading by means of voluminous portions of knowledge.

4) I found that creating Google Information feeds for all info created “prior to now week” gave me top-of-the-line outcomes. A Google Information feed for all agency info for each agency led to an extreme quantity of information and data feed masking merely the day prior to this´s info appeared to miss tales. On this occasion, I used Information RSS URL´s for all agency info on account of they’re basically probably the most user-friendly. To make use of this mashup with “time-restricted” Google Information, you’ll want to click on on on “Superior Information Search”, do a sample search with a defined time interval, generate the Information RSS URL and duplicate the first portion of it into Column A of your spreadsheet sooner than following the proscribed course of.

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I now can monitor info from all 1,700 companies in my Google Reader. Kudos to those good folks on the ´Plex.