The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Up, According to an HR Expert

Your relationship together with your boss can decide nearly each side of your job — together with your workload, job satisfaction, and total profession prospects. Given the ability differential, a lot of these issues can appear out of your management. That’s the place “managing up” comes into play: Managing up is the method of actively managing your relationship and duties together with your boss.

As Amy Drader, a administration advisor and proprietor of Growth Partners Consulting, not too long ago wrote in a blog post, “Managing up is about maximizing the most important relationship you have at work, the one with your manager.” It doesn’t imply sucking up, however is about creating a productive rapport together with your boss, studying their administration fashion, and actively aligning your work fashion with theirs to make a extra productive working relationship. As Drader writes, “Employees have a lot of power in making choices and taking actions that positively influence the relationship with their boss and thus, improve their satisfaction.”

How to handle up successfully

As Drader suggests, there are some particular actions that may assist enhance your relationship together with your boss. These ‘do’s’ of managing up embrace gaining a way of their preferences as a way to adapt your fashion; asking clarifying questions and confirming what their expectations are, and providing a honest thanks when acceptable.

These suggestions might be particularly essential in case your boss lacks administration expertise, is unorganized, or has a heavy workload, as they’re most likely struggling simply as a lot as you might be. If that is the case, managing up can assist make issues simpler to your boss, and by extension, you.

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What to keep away from

Managing up is about creating a greater, extra productive relationship together with your boss. As UC Merced battle decision coach Luke Wiesner wrote in a blog post, there are a selection of methods to keep away from, which embrace not overseeing your boss; not going above their head; and not attempting to change their administration fashion.

As Drader additionally advises, it’s additionally necessary not to take issues personally — particularly in case you have a boss who’s a micromanager — and you need to keep away from neglecting your individual wants, which might occur in case your relationship together with your boss is particularly troublesome. “Depending on the boss, managing up might seem frustrating, labour intensive, or like serving a boss’s ego,” she says. “But look at it a different way by putting yourself in their shoes. What would it be like to work with someone who adapted their style to yours? Pretty good, right? You likely will feel a greater sense of trust because they ‘get you.’ This is the heart of teamwork and collaboration which is exactly what managing up seeks to achieve.”