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The Boundaries of Chaplain Confidentiality

“A woman was in a room of her sick baby when she was visited by a civilian hospital chaplain. She suggested the chaplain various points about herself and her family, along with the reality that she was pregnant. The subsequent day she was shocked when a nurse approached her and inquired about her being pregnant. It turned out that lots of what she had talked about with the chaplain was written down in her child’s medical chart… ” 1

Historically, members of the clergy have had an moral obligation to maintain up the confidentiality of their congregants. These days, nonetheless, people have launched an elevated number of lawsuits in opposition to pastors for invasion of privateness arising out of the disclosure of confidential information. The outcomes of those suits has launched recognition that the responsibility to maintain up confidentiality won’t be solely an moral obligation, however as well as sometimes a approved one.2

If civilians depend on their conversations with clergy to be confidential, this presumption is even higher inside the military group the place practices like compulsory drug testing and gate automobile searches contribute to a greater sensitivity to privateness factors. Whereas religious denominations have their very personal guidelines that data their clergy in regard to information shared beneath quite a few circumstances, quite a few Instructions, Guidelines and the Manuel for Courts-Martial (MCM) comprise statutes that defend the confidentiality of communications with military chaplains.

Defending our privileged place

The approved security supplied by civilian approved applications and the military system differs considerably. Although military members as residents of the USA are every subject to and revenue from federal and state authorized pointers, they’re moreover subject to the UCMJ and completely different explicit military guidelines. In positive circumstances involving communications, military authorized pointers and guidelines take precedence over civilian authorized pointers.

In line with Military Tips of Proof MRE 503(b) (2), to make sure that a communication to be considered privileged, three requirements needs to be met:

1. It needs to be made “each as a correct act of religion or a matter of conscience.”

2. The communication needs to be made to a chaplain in his or her operate as chaplain or to his/her assistant in an official functionality.

3. It is the intent of the communicator that the info be confidential.

It is clear that it is the intent of the person making the communication and by no means that of the chaplain that is important. It’s often clear that the applicability of the privilege, that is, whether or not or not or not the communication is to be considered confidential, is set by the intention of the social gathering and by no means the place the place the communication takes place. (e.g. chaplain’s office, hospital room, aboard ship, or inside the self-discipline.)

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No matter clear insurance coverage insurance policies and guidelines upholding confidentiality on the part of military chaplains, in a contemporary 2013 poll of naval personnel, 63 % of 5.049 respondents did not think about their communications with chaplains had been confidential, and 65 % of two,895 respondents erroneously believed that Navy chaplains are required to report positive points to the command.3

Historic perspective

Sooner than wanting notably on the apply of military chaplains making entries into victims’ medical data, will probably be helpful to try how this apply has superior in newest historic previous.

Hospital chaplaincy as a particular profession within the USA over the earlier 20-30 years has assumed a additional proactive stance in direction of victims, healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities. In distinction to so far the place victims often obtained pastoral visits from clergy representing explicit faith groups, as we communicate an knowledgeable cadre of licensed hospital chaplains has superior who’re members of the healthcare workforce full with entry to victims’ medical data every to gather information and to make notations of their very personal.

Whereas worthy strides have been made to mix chaplains additional completely into the healthcare system, some medical ethicists ponder charting, i.e. making notations in victims’ medical data accessible to others by this specialised chaplaincy as “disquieting” and advocate there exists a need to reassess expert commitments “to respect and defend the bio-psycho-social integrity of victims.”4 The evolution of hospital chaplaincy as a profession distinct from congregational based ministry has moreover raised concern amongst some members of the clergy who view practices like charting as a danger to confidentiality that has been a cornerstone of their ministry.

Chaplains, medical data and confidentiality

Although BUMEDINST 1730.2A makes an try to steadiness the hospital’s need for scientific information and the affected individual’s need for confidential care, paragraph 12b of the Instruction reads: “Victims should be urged that positive information communicated to the chaplain is also shared with completely different members of the remedy workforce or in a scientific supervisory session besides the affected individual notably requests that such information keep in confidence with the chaplain.”

If military victims presume that what they deal with with hospital chaplains “is also shared” with others besides they “notably request that such information keep in confidence,” may these similar service members be misled to think about that this moreover applies to what they share with chaplains outside of medical facilities? May these similar service men and women be led to question that what they deal with with their unit chaplains is also shared with their command besides they “notably request that such information keep in confidence”?

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Moderately than telling victims their communications with chaplains is also shared with others besides they “notably” request that such information keep confidential, I submit will probably be additional consistent with SECNAVINST 1730.9 (“Confidential Communications to Chaplains”) to revise BUMED Instruction to be taught, “Knowledge shared with chaplains is presumed confidential besides the affected individual notably requests the chaplain share positive information with completely different members of the medical workforce.”

The reality that many victims is also affected by excessive bodily or emotional ache might affect not solely their functionality to make educated choices regarding disclosure, however as well as affect their functionality “to inform aside confidential communications from widespread pastoral care interventions” as well-known inside the current BUMED Instruction.

Hospital spiritual assessments

A variety of military hospital chaplains as we communicate attempt to make spiritual assessments of a affected individual’s cultural, religious, spiritual beliefs or practices, the outcomes of that are typically recorded inside the affected individual’s medical doc. Such a apply could be problematic inside the military the place the privateness of personnel and their relations are protected as inside the case of SECNAVINST 1730.9, paragraph 4 (h):

Data or notes compiled by a chaplain in his/her counseling duties are considered ‘work product’ and confidential. As such, chaplains ought to safeguard any such data, in regardless of medium or format, containing confidential communication. When not needed, these work merchandise will seemingly be destroyed.

In distinction to “notes” a chaplain might absorb his/her office that are later destroyed, the “notes” a hospital chaplain might chart inside the strategy of enterprise a spiritual analysis keep a part of the affected individual’s medical doc even after the affected individual is discharged. Chaplains who’re compelled by supervisors or hospital administrators to justify their operate or “competency” by charting spiritual assessments might doubtlessly weaken the assumption that ought to exist between clergy and the people to whom they minister. Those who moreover use the system of charting for expert validation, credentialing, or with a goal to justify employment, doubtlessly redefine the pastoral go to from selfless to self-serving. Furthermore, it has however to be established if medical healthcare teams significantly revenue from such a extraordinarily subjective consumption which is primarily helpful to the affected individual.

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One moreover may observe that spiritual care by the chaplain won’t be lots an “intervention” (as well-known in BUMEDINST 1730.2A, paragraph 13a), or one factor to “restore” nevertheless additional of a relational mode of being. The spiritual life is a relational life involving how the affected individual pertains to others and the best way she or he understands their current circumstances inside the context of a personal notion system. Because of hospital chaplains infrequently have future relationships with victims who each are discharged or die, these assessments and interventions couldn’t present to be the truest reflection of the individual in question.

The operate a chaplain performs inside the healthcare group cannot be underestimated. Whereas metrics are an increasing number of utilized inside medical institutions as a manner for assessing the value and necessity {{of professional}} positions and the number of billets, there are a variety of intangible benefits a chaplain brings to affected individual visitation which will in no way be measured by practices like charting alone.

Service members and their households deserve the most effective assurance that their conversations will seemingly be honored and guarded. Military chaplains ought to vigilantly insure their charting practices do not “cross the highway” lest they provide up this sacred operate that has been entrusted to them for over two centuries of U.S. naval historic previous.

Lieutenant Commander Gomulka was a staff chaplain at Naval Medical Coronary heart San Diego. She retired in August of 2014 after the article appeared inside the December 2013 model of Proceedings revealed by the Naval Institute Press.

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