Overnight Med Tech/DSP (Sunday-Thursday) – Merry Glen Home in Spokane, WA

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Job Description

Med Tech Duties:
Arrive 10 minutes prior to shift to get a report from prior shift, read T-Logs & S Comms in Therap, check the activity schedule and ensure inventory during shift change is on track.
Share report with direct care shift lead and staff communicating any schedule or health issues affecting the residents (PRNs bowel meds, treatments or other medications that may need to be given). Communicate any other pertinent issues relevant to the direct care staff and their shift.
Carefully monitor and track the health and safety of Merry Glen residents and report any issues (illness, seizures, behavior, incident reports, etc.) to the Coaching team and House RN. Contact Nurse Delegators for medication changes, new orders, or if a resident needs to leave the facility for a medical emergency. Communicate with either the Coaching team or Empowering People to deal with medical emergencies.
Administer medications and other treatments according to doctor’s orders and completing the 6 med rights before administering medications: Right resident, right medication, right time, right dose, right documentation and right route. Understand the purpose of each medication and be aware of possible side effects. Administer PRN medications and treatments when necessary as well.
When receiving medications from the Pharmacy, check them for accuracy before accepting. Put medications and treatments away in the proper areas in the med cart. Communicate with the Pharmacy by phone and/or fax to order medications and supplies in a timely manner, notify of new doctor’s orders, clarify current doctor’s orders, or have medications repackaged.
When you are passing meds, always be aware to reorder meds that are not on cycle and/or prn’s that are getting low (7 days prior to being completely out) Reorder medications and treatments in a timely manner (refer to reordering medication/treatment policy)
Check all meds and treatments and reorder if necessary weekly. Every Thurs., follow up to make sure meds that were ordered have come in. If they haven’t came in follow through with the pharmacy to ensure we receive the product before the weekend hits.
Notify the Coaching Team when medications/treatments need to be destroyed.
Complete documentation daily in Therap, including progress notes, MARs, seizure logs, behavior tracking logs, incident reports, etc.
Skin sheets are to be completed each day by each shift.
Assist direct care staff as a member of the team as needed and as able. This includes but is not limited to transfers, cleaning, laundry, mealtimes, feeding programs, 1 on 1 time, taking garbage out etc….
Keep good communication with the caregivers working so you are aware of any medical/health issues, etc. going on with the residents in a timely manner, checking in frequently during your shift so that you have a complete and accurate report for the on coming shift.
Ensure that all tasks are completed by caregivers before they leave to go home. (End of shift cleaning, garbage is taken out, deep cleans are complete, laundry done, bowel book is complete etc.)
Ensure caregivers follow protocols and policies that have been put into place. (Cell phone, transfer, COVID etc)
Complete one fire drill per month during their shift and submit documentation in Therap.
Communicate with the on-call Coaching Staff to deal with staffing issues such as a call-in or a no call/no show. Assist on-call Coaching Staff to fill the position (referencing the schedule and staff phone list).
Responsible for ensuring all information that needs to be shared with the oncoming shift is passed along verbally and through documentation before leaving at the end of each shift.
Other duties as assigned.
***This position is part-time Med Tech and part-time Direct Service Professional***
We value kindness, caring, reliability, skills and teamwork. Please have good communication skills and a good work ethic.
Must be able to pass a drug test and fingerprint background
Work Remotely


Job Type: Part-time
Pay: From $22.45 per hour

Dental insurance
Disability insurance
Life insurance
Paid time off
Referral program
Vision insurance

Medical specialties:

Home Health

Physical setting:

Long term care


8 hour shift
Overnight shift

Supplemental pay types:

Bonus pay
Differential pay
Overtime pay
Signing bonus
Yearly bonus

COVID-19 considerations:Masks are required. We deep clean often and spot clean throughout the day.

High school or equivalent (Required)


Nurse Delegation Certification (Preferred)

Shift availability:

Overnight Shift (Required)

Work Location: One location

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