Interview with J. Everett Prewitt, author of "Snake Walkers"

Reader Views may very well be very excited to talk with creator J. Everett Prewitt, winner of 4 first place awards for his debut novel, “Snake Walkers.” Thanks for sharing your concepts with us within the current day.

Juanita: J. Everett, please inform us the which implies behind the title of your information, “Snake Walkers.”

J. Everett: The title is based on a legendary African tribe that teaches its kids from begin learn how to walk by means of a nest of poisonous snakes with out being bitten.

Juanita: Give us just a bit notion into the first character, Anthony Andrews.

J. Everett: Anthony comes from an larger class family of Blacks which could be further concerned with sustaining the established order than in search of justice inside the turbulent fifties and sixties. By approach of no fault of his private, he is information wise nevertheless naïve about life. Due to his new job, Anthony is thrust into life threatening situations the place he meets people he learns to respect. They’ve a definite viewpoint about coping with racial injustice and life sometimes, and Anthony’s perspective finally changes.

Juanita: Is Anthony primarily based totally on anyone you acknowledge?

J. Everett: I didn’t have any mates like Anthony, nevertheless I belonged to a social group of larger class blacks as soon as I used to be a teen because of my mother’s standing as an elementary school principle. I quit after a 12 months. A number of of them have been as shut as I acquired to any person like Anthony. There are some Anthony’s on the earth within the current day, so it wasn’t too onerous understanding their concepts about factors like civil rights.

Juanita: How does Anthony make peace alongside with his childhood trauma by attempting to resolve the mysterious abandonment of a small metropolis, and disappearance of fourteen white males?

J. Everett: To Anthony’s credit score rating. He confronts his demons head on. He works out and runs hoping that not directly it’s going to alleviate his downside. Though he is just a bit gun shy at first, he continues to confront the violence that unfolds because of his discoveries and finally turns right into a stronger explicit individual because of it.

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Juanita: “Snake Walkers” is a refreshing new look into the racial conflicts of latest American historic previous. How widespread was it for ‘white people’ to go missing?

J. Everett: I’m undecided how widespread it was, nevertheless as quickly as I wrote the story, I began to take heed to fairly just a few accounts of blacks inside the south stopping once more. One explicit individual suggested me that his family had a farm that was attacked by the Klan. His grandfather in telling the story merely talked about “They got here on the property, however they did not go away the property”. I take into consideration there are pretty a quantity of tales like these in the marketplace. I’m listening to an growing quantity of as I give talks throughout the nation.

Juanita: I’d take into consideration you will proceed to take heed to tales like this as your information reaches an growing quantity of readers. Who have you ever ever seen to be your viewers, and what else are they saying about “Snake Walkers”?

J. Everett: My viewers is as numerous as a result of the characters inside the information. I’ve spoken to all white audiences, black information golf gear, library groups and was even the keynote speaker at an precise property arrange banquet. I’ve obtained solely optimistic responses to the information up to now. Some questioned whether or not or not there have been any people like Bobby Joe Byrd, a white man who fought for the rights of black people. I ask them within the occasion that they remembered John Brown. I’ve been approached by every black and white members of the viewers who say they may set up with one factor that occurred inside the information. I’m hoping that I can finally deal with youthful adults, notably youthful black males.

Juanita: Inform us regarding the evaluation you in all probability did for “Snake Walkers.”

J. Everett: I visited the cities I wrote about (other than Evesville), talked to so much of people there and others which have been from there, be taught info articles and searched on-line for tons of my historic information. An Arkansas author was very helpful in referring me to books about Arkansas. Probably probably the most helpful explicit individual however was just a bit outdated white woman who was inside the library in Wynn, researching her ancestry. She suggested me further regarding the house than all of my completely different sources combined.

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Juanita: How very important is the need for a voice regarding this unacknowledged aspect of historic previous?

J. Everett: It is vitally very important. In portraying a minority custom or race, there have to be stability. I can uncover a thousand books on hangings, beatings, castrations and plenty of others., nevertheless only some on households that confronted bodily violence and acquired. With out stability, every these inside and open air of the custom or race are inclined to see that group as victims and act accordingly.

Juanita: What’s/are the underlying theme of “Snake Walkers”?

J. Everett: There are a quantity of. Nobody is “above the fray” with regards to stopping injustice. Your energy comes from inside. A strong, supportive family is necessary when confronting insurmountable odds. Persistence and an open ideas are important to navigate the treacherous mazes of life.

Juanita: You graduated from highschool, went on to Lincoln College, was drafted into the navy, all all by means of the turbulent 60’s. What was your experience coming of age in these historic events, and the way in which has that influenced your writing?

J. Everettt: Ever since I was youthful, I felt compelled to wrestle once more in opposition to all of the injustices I encountered. Though I was prepared, stopping was seldom bodily. It did however require a mindset that color does not make a person inferior or superior. Throughout these tumultuous events, this notion was challenged, nevertheless subsequently bolstered so many events that it was no longer a question. Due to that, my writing is based on telling tales of people with associated mindsets resulting in triumph and victory. That’s the life I lived all through these events and that was the life my family lived. My father, mother, uncles, aunts and cousins have been good mentors in that respect since they repeatedly overcame boundaries and went on to show into very worthwhile people.

Juanita: What was your inspiration for writing “Snake Walkers?”

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J. Everett: I take into accout listening to tales in my youth about retribution, riot and confrontation by blacks inside the south from fully completely different elders, and folks tales caught with me. A Mr. Johnson put it most succinctly when he seen that “They did not all win and we did not all lose.” I moreover videotaped my father, an uncle and an aunt about their historic previous rising up in Arkansas and I sometimes puzzled why nobody ever wrote the tales I was listening to. I decided I’d. There could also be an African proverb that states, “Till the lions have their very own historians, tales of the hunt will all the time glorify the hunter”.

Juanita: “Snake Walkers” is such a shocking, debut novel, receiving many awards and extreme recognition. Will you be writing one different rapidly, and if that is the case can inform us just a bit about it?

J. Everett: My subsequent information will possible be often known as Two Wolves. Will in all probability be a sequel to Snake Walkers. The setting will possible be Cleveland, Ohio in 1969 after the Glenville Riots. Anthony, the protagonist in Snake Walkers is a reporter at a small newspaper and Raymond Williams (the heir apparent as family patriarch) has merely come home from the Vietnam Conflict. There will possible be so much of subplots, nevertheless Raymond’s girlfriend, Myra, is missing, and although he graduated from college, it will probably require all of his street info to look out what occurred, and take care of the implications.

Juanita: Thanks for this enlightening interview J. Everett. Are there any remaining concepts you’d favor to share alongside with your readers?

J. Everett: I’ve been just a bit overwhelmed on the response to the information. I started writing to fill a void attributable to, in my opinion, the inadequate illustration of sturdy, steady black households and the optimistic outcomes some expert as soon as they resisted injustice. I assume this has resonated with tons of folks and I’m grateful. I’m solely sorry that my father who handed a quantity of years previously at 95 could not share this experience with me.