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Divining Your Life Path Number

The Life Path is set by the sum that’s arrived at after lowering your beginning date by including digits collectively. This quantity represents the traits and abilities that you just had been born with and the possible journey you’ll take throughout your lifetime. In a manner it represents what path you’ll take no matter your essence, which is represented by the calculation of the Soul Quantity. If you happen to calculate your Soul Quantity (as taught in one other New Age Pocket book) you may distinction the 2 numbers to see what your distinctive challenges are in life.

First convert the month you had been born in to a single quantity. Let’s use Angelina Jolie who was born in June 4, 1975 for instance.

First convert the month to a single quantity or grasp quantity. Be aware that when calculating months, double digit months resembling September, October November and December don’t cut back right down to a single digit. For instance November, which is the eleventh month, equates to the quantity 2 after you add 1+1 collectively.

Angelina Jolie’s birthday doesn’t cut back right down to a single digit. Her beginning month is the sixth month of the yr. Her month quantity is 6.

The next move is to transform your day of beginning to a single digit. As an illustration, when you had been born on the seventeenth you then would add 1 and seven collectively to scale back the quantity to eight. If you happen to had been born on the twenty ninth you would scale back to the grasp quantity 11. In that case, additional cut back the quantity to 1.

Angelina Jolie’s birthday doesn’t must be decreased as she was born on the 4th, so her quantity is 4.

Subsequent, add the entire digits of the beginning yr and cut back them to a single quantity. Jolie’s beginning yr is 1975 so you’ll add 1+9+7+5 to reach at a sum that represents the yr quantity. In Jolie’s case the yr is the grasp quantity 22. This could be decreased to easily 2.

Now add the month sum, beginning sum and yr sum collectively. For Jolie it could be:

6+4+2 = 12

If you happen to get a double digit, as is the case with Angelina Jolie, cut back the quantity down additional.

1+2 =3

Angelina Jolie’s Life Path quantity is a 3.

Scale back your personal birthday right down to a single quantity after which discover the interpretation under that describes your journey. These configurations that additionally end in a grasp quantity resembling 11, 22 or 33 ought to learn the life path prediction for that quantity as nicely. As an illustration in case your birthday reduces to 22 after which right down to a 4, then you must learn the interoperations for each the numbers 4 and 22.


Life Path #1

In case you are a 1, you’re motivated by a necessity for soul freedom and private attainment. Your prime directive is to learn to be impartial from others in all methods, however particularly emotionally and financially.

Quantity 1s usually have the potential to be nice leaders however the usually abysmally fail relating to teamwork and cooperation. Because of this, they make nice entrepreneurs, freelancers, generals, commanders, CEOs and producers.

Often no 1’s spend at the least two thirds of their life attempting to shake off the emotional and monetary shackles imposed on them by others. They’re normally self-made people who, like salmon swimming upstream, have to beat nice odds as a way to succeed. They revolutionary and ingenious personalities normally find yourself altering the world for the higher not directly.

An individual with a no 1 Life Path is normally blessed with motivation, enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration. They are typically bodily more healthy and mentally stronger than most individuals are. Their attractiveness vitality and lust for all times is a supply of awe for others who usually admire their stamina and skill to get their act collectively.

Nevertheless typically an individual touring the #1 Life path might be self-absorbed, pushy and overwhelming. Their aggression and ambition is usually interpreted as hostility and selfishness. Most no 1’s be taught exhausting classes in regards to the worth of excellent timing and tact throughout their life journey.

Many who attempt to have relationships with quantity 1s can’t abdomen their driving ambition and social climbing, which is indicative of their lust for achievement (particularly materials) at any price. They have a tendency to see folks as objects and are possessive, jealous and obsessive. They’re additionally not past entertaining an infidelity that can advance their profession.

Quantity 1s who stray from their paths usually find yourself in clingy codependent relationships with mentally ailing or addicted companions. In case you are a no 1 and experiencing this sort of state of affairs, it’s a particular message that you’re failing your life’s function to turn out to be self-sufficient in life.

Life Path Quantity 2

These following a quantity 2 Life Path are typically diplomatic, delicate people. As they’ve an inherent sense of morality and equity, they are typically indecisive as they’ll clearly see either side of any conundrum or argument. They usually make nice judges, mediators, attorneys, counselors or social employees as a result of they’ve an unbelievable expertise for resolving disputes.

These loving, optimistic people choose to see solely the very best in others. They’re sincere nearly to the purpose of fault. They’ve excessive emotional quotients and thrive finest in a piece setting that requires teamwork. Quantity 2’s are at all times revered for his or her politeness, tact and skill to encourage teams of individuals to carry out acts of charity and philanthropy. Quantity 2’s by no means “stoop to beat” and think about themselves to be above arguing with others.

Quantity 2s operate finest in 9 to 5 jobs the place the routine is identical day by day. Erratic behaviors, drama queens and overt shows of bodily affection upset them.

These pure collectors are additionally pack rats and are the kind to maintain every little thing that they’ve owned since beginning within the attic or basement. As they’re additionally very sentimental and nostalgic, lots of them acquire antiques and images of family members.

Because the life function of a quantity 2 is to deliver concord to group conditions it is rather vital for them to get out and socialize. A quantity 2 that’s isolating has strayed from his or her life path. Pessimism, lethargy and melancholy normally determine this. One of the best ways for a quantity 2 to get again on the precise path is to discover a job that entails working with most people or to discover a option to apply acts of charity or philanthropy. Nothing corrects a quantity 2’s karma extra effectively than acts of random kindness or volunteering for a hospital, college or shelter. In reality, that’s what number of of them meet their soul mates.

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Life Path Quantity 3

Followers of Life Path quantity 3 are effervescent personalities whose journey usually results in creative acclaim or social recognition. Quantity 3s are the entertainers of the world and most of them are really gifted musicians, writers, actors, dancers, public audio system and politicians.

A quantity 3 will not be fulfilled till there was some public acknowledgement of his or her distinctive expertise. The quantity 3 life path is one that’s characterised by magnificence, pleasure, eccentricity and social recognition. These distinctive, expressive personalities usually simply purchase, fame and glory.

This quantity can also be normally blessed with a heat, charismatic character and an unbelievable sense of non-public religion and optimism. Their enticing bodily look additionally usually captures the imaginations of others they usually make wonderful muses and fashions.

Typically a quantity 3 can also be a witty or poetic particular person who’s an entertaining conversationalist. On the identical time they’re identified for his or her understanding of human nature in addition to their capacity to essentially take heed to others and really comprehend their emotional wants.

Quantity 3’s are additionally wonderful cooks and hosts and boast beautiful style in trend and residential ornament. They’re usually wanted socially as others discover them bodily in addition to spiritually stunning.

Often a quantity 3 is sort of cussed and performs to win regardless of how excessive the price of success. Their uncommon stamina and vigor makes it simpler for them to rebound from setbacks in life than most individuals. Typically these setbacks are of a monetary or romantic nature as their idealism and spontaneity typically causes them to make dangerous selections.
Nevertheless a quantity 3 is normally fairly humble and really able to being sincere with themselves about their errors.

Quantity 3’s stray off their life path by giving up their goals and abilities. Many escape into alcohol or drug abuse to keep away from listening to the nagging voice of their fixed inspiration. In case you are a quantity 3 who will not be discovering themselves within the highlight due to private issues then it is a wake-up name to comply with your coronary heart’s want. Your exuberant nature can take you additional than most individuals, particularly when you give your self permission to focus your energies and abilities.

Life Path Quantity 4

These following the Life Path of a quantity 4 usually find yourself turning into the pillars of the neighborhood. These people are exhausting working, sensible and reliable. They’ve the sensible abilities to deliver goals of others into actuality.

Nevertheless, self-sacrificing quantity 4’s usually demand an excessive amount of each of themselves and others. Because of this lots of them develop private reputations as martyrs or tyrants. The need energy and stubbornness of the quantity 4 will also be interpreted as greed and selfishness. This fully baffles the confused quantity 4 whose intentions are normally to profit the nice of all.

These delicate people will also be very set of their methods and traumatized by any adjustments to their routines. It’s tough to ever persuade a quantity 4 that she or he could be improper, as they don’t reply nicely to criticism. The tenacity and obsessive character traits of the quantity 4 usually earn her or him the title of workaholic. Nonetheless many have profited from a quantity 4’s devotion to performing thankless duties and inflexible sense of group.

These loyal people make incredible marriage and enterprise companions. At first a quantity 4 might be very tough to get to know as a result of they normally play their playing cards very near their chest. They do not imagine that life is a recognition contest so they have an inclination to make only a few shut pals slightly than sparkle in a crowd on the celebration circuit.

Reliable and predictable quantity 4’s are related to the earth factor to allow them to have a really grounding affect on others. Nevertheless their concern of speaking could make them appear very uptight. They will also be so over targeted on the duties at hand that they miss large alternatives that come their manner.

Folks following the quantity 4 life path are sometimes studying classes about letting go of emotional insecurity. Indicators {that a} quantity 4 is straying off the trail are hostility from others, jealousy, possessiveness and a life made leaden and heavy by a scarcity of humorousness.

Typically a quantity 4’s adherence to routine is obsessive to the purpose of being pathological. If you happen to imagine that altering your routine even within the slightest would possibly destroy your enterprise or happiness in a method then it’s possible you’ll be a quantity 4 who’s turning into paralyzed by insecurity. Your manner again on the trail could be to let unfastened a bit of and develop some flexibility and tolerance of others.

Life Path Quantity 5

These touring the quantity 5 Life Path are adventurous and extremely inquisitive people who think about fingers on expertise to be the very best trainer in life. Lots of them are deeply clever, philosophical and spiritually minded. They like to theorize in regards to the nature of existence. Regardless of their sometimes-spacey demeanor, many are honest seekers of options to mankind’s issues.

Quantity 5’s abhor routine and day by day chores. They’re usually wonderful at initiating many initiatives, however not often comply with via on any of them. Quantity 5’s are awful at self-care and home tasks, preferring as an alternative to comply with their whims and impulses. Because of this, they don’t thrive nicely in workplace environments.

Quantity 5’s, nonetheless, might be nice communicators and are wonderful relating to the abstraction of any topic. Because of this they make nice social anthropologists, archaeologists and historians. Some quantity 5’s additionally make wonderful academics.

Often at one level of their life, a quantity 5 experiences some sort of religious or emotional catharsis that causes them to commerce in a normal profession for a self-made career resembling an artist, investigator or journalist. Most quantity 5’s are multi-talented however lack the self-discipline or want to comply with one path. Because of this, many quantity 5’s find yourself main chaotic and even catastrophic lives relating to funds.

Quantity 5’s additionally hate to make plans and like to stay within the current. Their happy-go-lucky attitudes display an unbelievable religion that the universe will care for them. The alternative intercourse usually finds their devil-may-care attitudes to be thrilling and romantic, that’s till they find yourself supporting a quantity 5 that lacks life-direction.

The quantity 5’s lack of dedication additionally extends to non-public relationships. They are typically very self-absorbed and unaware of the impact of their actions on different folks. There may be additionally an inclination to put what others would possibly interpret as a very powerful precedence in life as final and the least vital consideration first. As different folks usually really feel tricked or fooled by quantity 5’s, they have an inclination to expertise a collection of damaged relationships.

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An indication {that a} quantity 5 has strayed fully off his or her life path could be an over emphasis on decadence or the demoralization of all those that encounter the person. In case you are a quantity 5 who is consistently encountering criticism, derision, dissonance and a scarcity of stability in your life, you have got most likely strayed out of your life’s function, which is to create a extra beneficiant and utopian future for others.

Life Path Quantity 6

These following the quantity 6 Life Path are normally people-pleasers which have a fantastic must really feel indispensable to others. Because of this many quantity 6’s usually dedicate their lives to being caregivers and repair suppliers such a medical doctors, nurses, counselors, hearth fighters and legislation keepers.

These self-less people imagine that they need to share the burdens of others as they proceed on their life’s journey. They’re normally mature souls who will not be afraid to imagine duty or take cost of adverse conditions.

Quantity 6’s normally really feel a religious obligation to assist others and accomplish that by consistently displaying kindness, tenderness and compassion to all that they meet. As youngsters, these pure born leaders normally show a knowledge, bravery and self-control which might be far past their age.

Quantity 6’s are additionally home creatures whose actions are sometimes motivated by a love of kids and household. It’s uncommon for a quantity 6 to have cash issues, until the trigger is helping somebody who’s much less unlucky. They’re additionally extra prone to undertake a baby or work in a capability that entails teaching youth (resembling a baseball staff) than different numbers. They normally earn the unqualified respect of household and pals due to their willingness to hold greater than their justifiable share of the load relating to interacting with the neighborhood.

Quantity 6’s have only a few adverse qualities, apart from an inclination to codependency. 6’s that discover himself or herself enslaved to an addicted or mentally ailing companion won’t be following their true path, as it is a signal that they’ve turn out to be enablers, slightly than healers of the ailments. Their life function is to like and nurture all who they encounter, not simply that one particular unique somebody.

Life Path Quantity 7

These embarking on quantity 7 Life Paths are affectionate, peace-loving people preferring rationality to inspiration. These reserved and analytical deep-thinkers make nice mathematicians, engineers, inventors, scientists and medical doctors.

These mental and studious personalities usually pursue superior educational careers. As they like to learn and soak up info, they normally require an excessive amount of personal time to domesticate their data. Quantity 7 youngsters usually excel in school and seem like “previous souls” for his or her age.

Quantity 7 s are perfectionists preferring silence to music, noise and crowds. They’re methodical and thorough analysts who imagine that “if you cannot do a job proper, do not do it in any respect.”

Suspicious 7’s don’t make pals simply. They despise the guile and manipulations related to well-liked tradition and dismiss all who don’t go their strict ethical requirements. 7’s usually seem very reserved and aloof to others and plenty of discover it takes a while to even stand up the nerve to strategy them. As soon as a 7 does make a buddy, nonetheless, it’s normally for all times.

Though they’re skeptical and analytical creatures, 7’s do depend on their intestine instincts greater than they depend on statistics, public opinion polls or recommendation from others. As they dislike being manipulated, tv or the media disgusts many.

These hermits take pleasure in being alone and much away from the hustle and bustle of recent life. Because of this, lots of them choose to stay within the nation the place their nerves will not be irritated by the hectic tempo of city life.

The shadow aspect of a 7 is an inclination to turn out to be pessimistic, overly logical, quarrelsome and pessimistic. Many 7s are good and (maybe deservedly so) really feel that the world owes them a residing. In case you are a quantity 7 who can not seem to cope with folks in any respect there’s a likelihood that abrasive character traits that had been formally thought-about eccentric have been demoted right down to repulsive. An indication {that a} quantity 7 has strayed fully off of his or her life path is a whole withdrawal from society. On this case, the troubled 7 ought to attempt to acknowledge his or her authentic ambitions to enhance the world via the applying of knowledge.

Life Path Quantity 8

Followers of the quantity 8 Life Path are naturally fortunate people whose soul function is to amass materials wealth. Folks on this path have comparatively little time for goals and visions, as they’re busy making use of their prodigal organizational talents to the actual world.

Quantity 8s are normally assured, charismatic people who’re adept at recognizing traits and alternatives. Often their life function is studying to control cash and energy with out turning into corrupted within the course of.

These social climbers will go to nice lengths to fulfill the precise particular person on the proper time. Even when an 8 is from an unprivileged background, she or he will go to quite a lot of hassle to be seen on the proper events, sporting the precise garments and hobnobbing with the actual gamers within the room. Individuals who boast a “from rags to riches” historical past usually are quantity 8’s.

8’s who use their pure luck for good are endowed with large potential for virtually enhancing the lives of hundreds, maybe tens of millions of individuals. 8’s are sensible and regular of their pursuit of main aims and their tenacity and willpower permits them to beat their competitors each time. Brave quantity 8’s even have an unbelievable capability to “not sweat the small stuff” and sometimes beat out their opponents merely via sheer endurance or fortitude.

Some 8’s take a shadowy diversion from their fact path by expressing greed, lust and unbridled ambition. They are often tyrants on the job and appear chilly and heartless at dwelling. They need to keep away from discounting the opinions of others, particularly relating to emotional relationships.

Typically the pursuit of riches turns into extra vital than private relationships. *8’s are thought-about to be on the improper path if an attachment to materials objects is taking up their want to share materials and religious riches with the remainder of the world.

Life Path Quantity 9

These on the quantity 9 Life path are destined to journey a humanitarian path. These people make nice diplomats, environmentalists, veterinarians, academics, judges, social employees, nuns, monks and healers.

These subtle particular person are very selfless souls and are sometimes affected person, reliable and honorable from the very starting to the tip of their life. Their ethical rectitude, compassion and generosity usually determine them.

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Noble quantity 9’s are prepared to tackle nice duties within the title of justice or preventing for the underdog. Only a few of them are fascinated with materials achieve. Lots of them imagine they are going to get their rewards in heaven for good deeds finished on earth. It’s also common for a quantity 9 to surrender all of their materials possessions for the widespread good.

Typically 9’s specific their deep understanding of life via portray, writing, music or different artwork kinds. Many additionally turn out to be mystics, channellers, mild employees, Reiki masters, witches and various healers.

The quantity 9 character is finest suited to the therapeutic and care giving professions. Their delicate natures are typically fully trampled in conventional, aggressive enterprise environments.

Quantity 9’s have successful smiles and make pals very simply. They’re nice listeners and plenty of of them could make others really feel higher simply with a easy pat on the hand. Though they’re incredible with strangers, they don’t seem to be so nice in a single on one relationship. One on one relationships usually appear poisonous to stylish quantity nines who’re turned off by the drama, possessiveness and terminal uniqueness that’s related to the perfect of a soul mate. 9’s additionally don’t like intercourse a lot, until it’s associated to a tantra or practiced for the needs of procreation. Lots of them purposely stay single in order that they’ll deal with all people like their soul mate.

9’s who stray from their improper paths usually discover themselves feeling indignant or hostile in the direction of these they’ve helped. They might really feel their generosity has been misused or abused. Their life path is to think about God or a Larger Energy slightly than different folks. The quantity 9 who’s giving with an expectation of reward, must reexamine his or personal interior core and ideas.

The adverse aspect of 9’s manifests once they discover others leaving them out of the loop. Their eccentricity causes others to deal with them like village fool. Typically 9’s lofty beliefs are offered in a way that others discover absurd, spacey or hilarious. A part of a 9’s life path to specific religious ideas via actions, slightly than via preaching or proselytizing.

Life Path Quantity 11

The Quantity 11 Life Path is worried with religious illumination. Typically a quantity 11 will show an understanding and data of metaphysical issues that’s far past the grasp of others.

11’s have a tendency to guide a lifetime of extremes. Of their quest to discover a stability between the rational and the irrationality they are going to usually pursue probably the most eclectic of religions and cultures. These avant-garde and visionary people make nice college students, psychics, mystics, healers, academics, writers, musicians and artists.

The quantity 11 will usually sacrifice all within the pursuit of occult or metaphysical data. Their thirst for studying persuades lots of them to affix cults or New Age Actions. Luckily in the event that they do get in hassle, they usually display a superb resilience.

11’s will also be chameleons relating to profession. Lots of them attempt on careers the identical manner others attempt on garments. The odd factor is that these “fast research” are normally profitable at no matter they do. Lots of them will usually boast two careers without delay, usually antithetical to one another. It’s an 11 that you will discover working because the supervisor of a financial institution by day, after which moonlighting as a Tarot Reader at evening.

Nevertheless, 11’s finest make the most of their life’s function by making an attempt to turn out to be academics or counseling. Most 11’s are very expert healers on the unconscious degree and others are sometimes healed by their touching and insightful phrases.

On the adverse aspect 11’s usually anticipate an excessive amount of themselves and others. Lots of them are “wounded healers” who in some unspecified time in the future of their life endure a devastating expertise that propels them on the seek for spirituality. Nevertheless together with these conditions normally come quite a lot of poisonous emotional baggage and a harsh interior critic. It takes many 11’s their total life to rid themselves of the chip on their shoulder.

11’s are additionally very nervous people who’re vulnerable to sicknesses which have a twin nature resembling manic melancholy and schizophrenia. An inclination in the direction of dreaminess typically delays them from discovering their true function in life. In reality, 11’s are sometimes late bloomers who don’t begin making a living doing what they love till after age 40.

An 11 has strayed from his or her path when she or he finds himself at all times dreaming of huge schemes, however by no means taking sensible motion to place these concepts into motion. This implies the 11 will not be progressing and caught within the “visionary” stage of enlightenment.

Life Path Quantity 22

These following the life path of twenty-two are known as grasp academics. They’re probably the most highly effective of the Life Path numbers and are endowed with many powers. They’ve a singular expertise for manifesting concepts into the realm of actuality.

No matter a 22 thinks about is sort of positive to turn out to be manifest so it is rather vital for them to decide on their ideas rigorously. If they’re prepared to work for what they want they’ll obtain monumental status, success and fame. Issues usually come simply to 22’s who others usually describe as being “born with a silver spoon.” They’ll accomplish a fantastic cope with little or no effort.

Damaging 22’s are very uncommon, however typically they show what seems like insensitivity. That is a part of a religious directive to be indifferent from objects and the result of occasions. Lots of them work for materials achieve, with the concept that their wealth ought to be unfold among the many plenty.

Life Path Quantity 33

A beginning date that reduces right down to 33 could be very uncommon. When it does occur you’re looking at a fantastic and important religious chief alongside the strains of the Dalai Lama or Gandhi.

These people don’t show any typicality by way of their life story, nonetheless they do normally obtain fame via acts of kindness, tenderness and compassion that result in the transformation of the world’s consciousness.