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Custom Microsoft Access Functions: How To Borrow Functions From The Microsoft Excel Library

The definition of any operate irrespective of the applying is the flexibility to calculate and course of passing variables or values to return a single worth (the reply).

All we do is solely name the operate (by its identify) and place some parameters (some are elective) and let the system reveal the reply by return. The place that is used throughout the context of Microsoft Entry might be one in all many locations together with tables, queries, types and experiences.

Customized Entry database features will both be a consumer writing VBA code compiling routines and different pre-defined Entry features to utilise a tailor-made operate for these objects. One other approach to construct a customized operate is to easily borrow from one other utility (if it exists) and do not re-invent the wheel!

The easy steps to constructing an Entry database operate

So here is easy methods to just do that exhibiting you the next easy steps in borrowing different features on this case from Microsoft Excel.

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The instance I will present you is to borrow Microsoft Excel’s Correct operate which does not exist in Microsoft Entry. This operate merely returns the preliminary capitalisation of a phrase i.e. “entry database” to “Entry Database“.

1. Create a brand new module which can take you into the Visible Primary Editor view.

2. From the menu bar, select Tools after which References… to show the references display screen and scroll down for “Microsoft Excel X.0 Object Library” (the place X.0 represents your model and in my case 14.0 = model 2010).

3. Add the next VBA code:

Public Perform Correct(discipline As String) As String

Dim xlf As Excel.WorksheetFunction

Set xlf = Excel.WorksheetFunction

Correct = xlf.Correct(discipline)

Finish Perform

4. Save the modifications and you’re good to go.

Now in a question, you’ll be able to name this operate which can be listed within the Expression Builder device beneath the identify of the database within the module identify (i.e. Module1 if it had been left unnamed).

If you wrap the Correct operate round a discipline i.e. Correct([CompanyName]), it’s going to convert phrases to preliminary capitalised letters.

Customized Microsoft Entry features are simple to construct and use. See which different Excel features might serve you properly.